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Career Adventures offers a Direct Hiring service that allows you to find the perfect professional
candidate to help move your business forward. Our fees, based on results, are substantially less than
the long-term cost of selections forced by pressures of time or lack of familiarization with the local
market. Specific fee estimates and arrangements will be made upon placing a job order or recruiting
assignment. Career Adventures will perform local criminal background checks and/or drug screens
for free prior to employment offers. Our staff can take care of the time consuming aspects of hiring a
new employee while you take care of business.

Properly staffing any company is very time consuming between sifting through countless resumes,
scheduling candidates, and of course, interviewing them. Our Placement Pros have already done the
entire preliminary work for you because we understand the importance of efficiently finding the right
candidate fast! Our Placement Pros work together as a team on a daily basis to advertise the
positions, screen resumes, interview candidates, and test candidates in their skill areas. When
suitable candidates are found, your Placement Pro will forward the resumes to you for review. We will
then schedule interviews for you at your convenience. During the entire process, your time
commitment is minimal so you can focus on more important business matters at hand. But the
important decisions are still yours to make.

If you are hesitant whether your company will need someone long term or short term, or if
you simply like to try out a new employee before making a commitment, temp-to-hire
staffing may be perfect for you. Career Adventures guarantees the performance of each
temporary. If our employee does not meet your expectations, for any reason, please notify us
and we will promptly replace that temporary. Often times, Career Adventures clients choose
to hire our temporaries on a permanent basis. If any Career Adventures employee is retained
for 520 hours, the temporary may be obtained at no cost. Private facilities are also available
for interviewing if needed. Local background checks are performed on every applicant.
Career Adventures is dedicated to customer satisfaction and every employee in our firm is
also committed to that objective.

Temporary and contract work is a win-win for both employees and employers! It provides a
bridge to permanent employment. It allows employees to showcase their skills and talents,
and gives the employer the opportunity to try out an employee before hire. According to the
American Staffing Association:

• 88% of staffing employees say that temporary or contract work made them more

• 77%of staffing employees say it’s a good way to obtain a permanent job.

• 80%of staffing clients say staffing firms offer a good way to find people who can become
permanent employees.